With 2017 almost upon us, we’re predicting technology trends that will help shape the future of small businesses.

Distributed Working

It wont be long before most large offices that house all, if not most, of a company’s staff become a thing of the past. 2017 will see businesses building and growing on internet connectivity and cloud based services to break down geographical boundaries.distributed workingFurther developments into products like Slack and Microsoft Teams will enable workforces to collaborate tighter from anywhere with an internet connection. Faster and more seamless video conferencing and secure online services will result in more flexible working for teams of employees.

Virtual Assistants

Apple, Google and Microsoft are all battling for the best virtual assistant on the market, this fierce competition is helping to drive AI and Virtual Assistant technology into the future. We will certainly experience more useful and sophisticated VA’s in 2017.

Apple has now released a patent to allow its digital assistant Siri to interject in conversations between contacts. The patent explains; For example – Siri can be used to automatically assist when a group of users need to book a meeting. It can check calendars for availability of each member and then choose the best suited/located venue and book it.

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is likely to be one of the most defining business technology trends in 2017.

IoT is the idea that almost any electrical device can connect to the internet and each other to send and receive data. This is already a fast growing market with many standard appliances (kettle, iron, fridge etc) now optionally fitted with Wi-Fi.

It is thought by 2020 over 25 billion systems will be connected, as a result business decisions and operations will become smarter. Businesses will have constant real-time access to devices with sensors to improve the efficiency and delivery of the services they offer.

Super-Fast Drone Deliveries

With Amazon nearly ready to lift its ‘Prime Air’ service into the sky, drone delivery systems will soon be a common sight in our sky’s. These will be unmanned aerial vehicles programmed to use sophisticated sense and avoid technologies.

Super-quick logistics will ensure deliveries can be made within 30 minutes or less and once security testing has been approved, we will surely see businesses sending and receiving tangible products to and from clients in minutes.

These are just a few of the latest technology trends set to shape 2017. If you would like to know how future tech can help grow your business, contact our team of friendly engineers to find out more.