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Fentons Microsoft 365 security health check

Microsoft 365 Health Check

Microsoft 365 Security Check

Receive a comprehensive security report with recommendations to help protect your business.

Why should I request a Microsoft 365 Security Health Check?

The configuration of your Microsoft 365 environment should be checked regularly to ensure you are up to date with the latest security features.

Our experts can conduct a comprehensive health check of your Microsoft 365, assess your configuration for best practices and identify any security risks to provide you with a roadmap of recommendations.

The low cost, fixed fee, health check is performed remotely by our experienced consultants with no disruption to your business.

On completion of our checks, you receive a full report with recommendations to improve your Microsoft 365 security.

Microsoft 365 Security Health check

Protect your business against cybercrime and comply with the latest regulations.

With many cyber incidents coming from compromised or stolen credentials, it is important to keep your Microsoft 365 environment secure.

We can help assess, identify, and provide guidance on any security risks we find in your Microsoft 365 setup, all at a set fixed cost.

Work smarter, not harder.

Microsoft 365 is about making your work easier and collaborating smoother. By giving it a health check, you can see where you’re acing it and if anything can be improved.

Maybe there’s a new feature that can save your team a ton of time, or a tool that can help everyone work better together. It’s like fine-tuning your car for peak performance, but for your work tools.


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