Outsourcing your IT to a managed IT service provider will save your business time and money.

If you’re not already outsourcing your IT, maybe it’s something to consider. Here are some reasons why IT outsourcing is on the rise.

Outsourced IT Support

Reasons to Outsource IT Services

Reduce Operating Costs

Around 70% percent of companies in the UK choose to outsource IT services to reduce their business costs.

This is because outsourcing your IT removes the overhead of recruiting, training and keeping IT professionals employed.

Increase Flexibility

Outsourcing your IT makes cover and services more flexible and adjustable in line with your business model and demands.

Absent employees and emergency IT cover are no longer a concern when you contract out your IT requirements.

Industry Experts

You need trained, qualified IT professionals managing your IT infrastructure – partnering with an IT company ensures you have a team of fully certified experts caring for your technology.

Outsource IT Services

Furthermore, outsourcing provides your business with fast, reliable and pro-active IT support.

Improve Security

Having a trusted IT service company monitor and managing your IT security helps reduce risks and protect your business data.

Outsourced IT companies use layered security best practices to improve cyber protection and defend your business.

Increase Productivity

IT systems need constant auditing, monitoring and maintenance to ensure they are running at optimum performance.

Faster and more reliable systems increase productivity and raise team moral.

Improve Company Focus

Outsourcing frees up valuable time so you can focus on your core business.

Improve company focus

Hiring an IT service provider and using their industry expertise frees up your team to focus on what they’re good at.

Fentons have a team of experienced IT professionals working in Sussex, UK and also Australia, providing IT support in Perth.

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